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April 2012

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[January 2012 Edition]

January 2012.

Kickin’ off the new year with some DDL ‘stache and 80’s rockers.


[Previous Editions: September 2011]

This is the 1st Edition of GetTheF**kUpOffThatCouch, released at Sustainable Uprising in Downtown Spokane [].


Thanks to the writers & the readers!

Sept. 2011

Happy New Year, Couch Burners.

So. Welcome to 2012, eh. We at GTFUOTC hope you had a grand ol’ new year’s eve; filled with plenty of couch destroying, or at least plenty of getting-offa said couches.

The January 2012 has been released. We made 100 copies of that thing, and we only have 2 left! Bad ass! For those who didn’t get a copy, we will do our best to get one into your lovely mits. I/We will be asking some local businesses/hotspots if they would be interested in distributing the zine on a regular basis.

But tomorrow or the next day, we’ll post up this month’s edition on the information superhighway for your digital viewing pleasure. Stay tuned!

Some upcoming events you should check ooot!

1/6: First Friday- A day where, all around Downtown Spokane, art shows will be happening. Look for galleries at places like The Saranac & Luxe Coffee House. [Local superhero Allen Duffy will be displaying his art at Luxe!]

1/13: Flying Pig Literary Reading Numero Quatro. An open reading at the Flying Pig Cafe for fiction/short stories/poetry/and similar jargon. If you would like to read, sign up at: The Flying Pig is located at 1822 E. Sprague.

1/15: Bird’s Nest Zine Library Volunteer Meeting @ Merlyn’s (19 W. Main Ave), 2pm. Spokane’s ONLY free zine library needs YOUR help! If you would like to volunteer at this wonderful establishment, please attend. Benefits include: a kick-ass library of zines you can read; meeting new people; hanging out at Merlyn’s, where they have a TON of comics and games and whatnot. If you love zines & would like to meet the wonderful people involved, this be a shin-dig for you.




December 2011

Get The F**k Up Off That Couch! Spokane, WA

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